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  “These books are not lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…
speaking to us.” Gilbert Highet
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  New authors  
  Despite appearances, we do publish work by other people!  
  While we work full time at producing books, we recognise that for most people it’s not their main job. Whether it’s a hobby, interest or compulsion, researching and writing takes time, and putting together a book can be a long job. The results can be fascinating, however, and
often well worth the wait.
  A number of people have approached Loaghtan Books in the hope that their work might be publishable. (Are you reading this, Alix?) Others wait
in the wings while we try to coax them on stage.
  Hopefully, over the next few months these hard-working authors might
see their work in print.

Watch this space!’
  Future publications
Short guides

We have a couple of short guides planned for the forthcoming year, plus another children’s book.
Our next book is likely to be about Tynwald, the Manx parliament.

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The book is not a political history but an introduction to how a Viking gathering to provide various agreed laws (and therefore to stop the various tribes from killing each other) became one of the most revered parts of Manx history.
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image from 'short guides'

The Isle of Man has the oldest continuous parliament in the world – Iceland’s is older, but
there were gaps. Despite its historical significance there seems to be very little published about the development of Tynwald and how it works today.

image from 'short guides'

Different aspects of Tynwald are covered including its history, its age-old ceremonies, and its organisation. Along the way the book also considers how Viking parliamentary heritage affects other countries.

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